Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Babies are getting Big :(

My Mama's beauty Angel..

My beauty Ellie!!

Angel chasing Connor :)

Bubba and Ellie cuddling up <3

Stone is trying to figure out what I have in my hand....It's a Nikon D90 I told him, but I don't think he understood LOL!!

Stone LOVES rearing up!! Probably NOT the best thing in the world LOL!!

Angel giving Stone a swift playful kick!!


  1. We have followed opposite paths. I am a country girl who now lives and works in the city. Interesting photos...

  2. Thanks for stopping in! Yes that is funny! Do you prefer City life to Country life?!?! I honestly love the peace and quiet we have here and wouldn't change it!!

  3. We were city too turned country ... although haven't done horses yet much to my daughters dismay.

  4. Well welcome to the country life then!! We have been out here for almost 3 years and totally love it!!

    Feel free to visit my daily blog anytime!!

  5. Your babies are too cute! Stone has a great body and markings.