Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictures of the Foals!!

Over at my A&MD Ranch Blog I have been posting about our new foal but I have lots and lots of pictures to share so I'm going to share some here!!


  1. Did you know your text is in wingdings??? Just thought I would tell, but your baby is beautiful!!

  2. Oh... the babies! Thanks for posting these pictures. The babies are so cute!

  3. Sweet baby! Hey - I'm not sure which blog to post on so you decide!

    I think he is a doll and I know you will come up with the perfect name!

  4. I use this one when I have lots of pics etc. But I use the A&MD Ranch for everything else. So If you want to post on the name the other one works!!

    Stephy- I didn't know that I will fix it LOL!!